Anita Posch

my name is Anita and I am creating educational content about Bitcoin & Open Blockchains in German and English. It's my goal to inspire and educate people on the impact these new technologies are going to have on our businesses, society and economy in an understandable manner.

I think of myself as an independent guide for you, the reader and interested person. Producing a Podcast, a weekly YouTube Show, writing and translating books is a full time job. To be able to stay independent and give my content away for free, I am looking for institutional sponsors as well as for your support.

My background: in the online business "circus" since 2000, most of the times leading e-commerce projects and founding small businesses / platforms. Always interested in "what computers can do" (got my first in 1984 a Commodore VC-20), Entrepreneurship and Personal Freedom.

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