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Tallycoin is a crowdfunding platform where donations are sent directly to our users bitcoin and lightning wallets. Tallycoin never touches any donations and this is a core promise of our platform.

Tallycoin Connect is lite weight software for bitcoin nodes that allows our users to receive donations without going through a 3rd party payment processor.

Tallycoin Connect is open source and available at

Making Tallycoin Connect available and easy to install on bitcoin nodes is an important step to encouraging our users to hold their own keys and be sovereign individuals.

Tallycoin Connect functions as a background service on a bitcoin node.

To illustrate an example, say a donor on the Tallycoin website wants to make a lightning donation. The donor initiates the payment on our website, our server communicates with the receivers bitcoin node and requests a lightning invoice, which is then displayed to the donor. The donor pays the invoice directly to the receiver.

If the receiver is monitoring their incoming payments using the Tallycoin Connect web interface, they will see the donation in realtime (see screenshot below).

Bitcoin raised from this fundraiser will compensate a developer (or multiple) to prepare, test and complete the task of submitting Tallycoin Connect to the app stores of Umbrel, myNode and Raspiblitz.

Screenshot of Tallycoin Connect when installed on a bitcoin node:

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