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Africa is one of the most promising regions for the adoption of cryptocurrencies due to its unique combination of demographic trends and use cases. SpaceBox -Solar-powered full Bitcoin Node node will deepen its impact, and make it possible for anyone anywhere to run bitcoin nodes as long as they can see the sky!

To move faster here’s benefits for early backers of the SpaceBox full Bitcoinlightning node project powered by RaspiBlitz

Funders $250 and above will get the complete Kit excluding the Solar Panel absolutely free.

150-$249 will receive a 50% discount

100-$149 will receive a 25% discount

5-$99 will receive a 10% discount

Why SpaceBox

  • SpaceBox — A Solar-powered Full Bitcoin Lightning Node for Africa project aimed at increasing the participation of Africans and most developing world in the multi-billion dollar bitcoin industry.
  • SpaceBox will empower millions of families as they set up “friends and family nodes” to secure financial self-sovereignty.
  • SpaceBox will help in driving Bitcoin Nodal distribution in regions hitherto unreachable.

SpaceBox Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 78 Ampere Hours (78,000 mAh, 288Wh)
  • Battery Type: 18650 Nickel Magnesium Cobalt (NMC) Lithium-Ion Cells
  • 2.8m AC Charger: 4A 15V AC/DC Adapter with UK Plug
  • Universal AC 230V 50Hz socket with 150W continuous output (350W surge)
  • 2 x USB Charging Ports: 1 x Fast Charging (3A) & 1 x 2.4A
  • 1x 12V (10A) DC Car input socket for powering 12V DC devices (Internet Router)
  • User Information LCD showing Battery % Level
  • Flexible charging — from the grid, solar, car
  • Quiet operation with integrated smart fan technology
  • Weight: 2.156 kg.
  • Raspi 4/ LCD TouchScreen
  • Raspiblitz 1.6 Software

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