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Who will benefit?: The mission of this fundraiser is to support my Space Education and Outreach activities that maximize the positive impact of Space on the life of school kids and students. 

What will I do with the donations?: With the donations I will be able to execute Space Education & Outreach workshops at schools with no- to limited budgets. Next to providing detailed understanding of our solar system, stars/starsystems and the history of spaceflight, my workshops contain Virtual Reality (VR) experiences with Google Cardboards, a hands-on Blockstream Satellite set-up, LEGO building exercises, gaming elements and space hardware you can actually touch.

Why is this a good cause?: My vision is that once school kids and students become grown-ups, and they would possess some basic notion of the universe in all its extremities, and the place planet Earth has in it, these grown-ups would be more inclined to cherish peace than to start wars on our home planet Earth. The most receptive age to this kind of knowledge is of course when people are young! 

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