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Plebble is a L1 (Level 1) multi-coin cryptocurrency system.

You can think of it as a heavy remake of Bitcoin built 100% from scrach with the following differences:

  • Miners do not exist: All nodes participate in the production of new blocks, thanks to a novel algorithm called cooperative consensus.
  • All nodes compute the same block, and all are receiving their share of the profit from the very first minute. [Universal Salary]
  • Aside from running a single Coin with fixed cryptoeconomics rules, users are able to create their coins with their own inlation/deflation laws.
  • Instead of having a pointless hardcap, Plebble.GAS cryptoeconomics algorithm for the supply law is dynamic, printing and/or burning money algorithmically in order to optimize social efficiency.

...and the following similarities:

  • It is free, borderless and permissionless. Anyone can join and participate.
  • Not tied to any profit seeking company.

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