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This phase is now funded. Thank you!!!!! We are new on phase 3--the last and most important fundraising push. Please look up  Diplomado en Bitcoin 3

We are excited to announce El Salvador’s first official Bitcoin Diploma program in the public school system. As far as we know the program will be the first of its kind in the world. Classes begin on April 23rd. Two hundred students, mostly 16- and 17-years old, will be required to take this 10-week course before graduating high school. 

We are building this pilot program with the intention that it can easily be copied and rolled out nationwide next year. El Salvador is the target, but the vision is to create precedents and materials that will make this easy to copy elsewhere as well.


Our total fundraising goal will be around 1.5 Bitcoin, though we are moving in phases in order to use funds for early work as soon as possible. There are a lot of costs–building new classrooms, multiple high-quality surveys, etc.–that are one-time expenses. Future iterations will be significantly cheaper to run.


Phase 1, which was 0.1 BTC in order to start construction of three new classrooms, is complete thanks to a generous donation by 


Phase 2, the current campaign, will allow us to lay the groundwork. Estimated cost 0.4 BTC. The largest expense will be paying for high-quality surveys of the school and surrounding area to gauge their current Bitcoin knowledge. We will repeat this survey in November at the close of the program in order to determine what impact, if any, the Diploma has on the community. Other costs include getting a website set up, hiring a full-time coordinator, and giving Bitcoin education classes to all the school's teachers before the program officially begins. 


Education will be key to determining the success of Bitcoin in El Salvador. We believe this is a significant step toward that goal.

If we can give quality education about Bitcoin and financial literacy to every teenager in the country, who will naturally spread that knowledge in their own homes, we believe we will change the country and set a lot of positive precedents in the first Bitcoin-nation. We believe we can change the world.

The three founding organizations which will coordinate this project are: 


MiPrimerBitcoin--Bitcoin education non-profit based in El Salvador. Follow us on Twitter: @MyFirstBitcoin_–Guatemalan-based, Bitcoin-only company providing Lightning infrastructure and payment processing services. Follow us on Twitter: @IBEX_mercado 

ComplejoEducativo Ignacio Pacheco Castro--Affectionately known as “La Pacheco” this is the school that will host the program, located in San Marcos, El Salvador.


You can reach out with any questions:

This phase is now funded. Thank you!!!!! We are new on phase 3--the last and most important fundraising push. Please look up Diplomado en Bitcoin 3

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