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The #ErnestGoesToBlockchain Project, is a Blockchain Research and Development Project that tests Decentralized Applications "dapps", usecases, and blockchain platforms as applied through Permaculture Design. Currently the project is interested in Governance and Income. I test ways to earn crypto currency from monetizing social media platforms, blockchains/ DAOs with staking rewards, and medical - health - music - and artist "dapps". Most of these platforms like Dash, SmartCash, Eos, Aragon, and others have very innovative governance and consensus models. 

The #ErnestGoesToBlockChain project is the umbrella project for the additional fundraisers that will follow; fundraisers that will have specific project goals. The following is a list of Micro Projects in Incubation from the overall research I have been involved with over the last 6 months.

Current ways to support my work:

Profiles on dapps and platforms that are currently live or in open beta:

Referral Links to the dapps I use and actually think are useful to folks:

Bribe me with $Morty to get the redirect of https://Morty.Hodl.eos to your website for a week! (make sure to have eosDNS extension)

Also Check out, if you have EosDNS https://lotusdogpham.eos and https://ErnestOfGaia.eos 

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