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HELLO, my name is Tomas and I'm here to ask for help in creating something new with crypto community. 

- MY GOAL - 

Well, my goal is to create a blog - an amazing tea shop for connoisseurs, where you can buy unique specimens of the herab from around the world only for Bitcoins! I do not want it to be a store, I would also like to show unusual photos of tea, travel photos on the blog, and even make a series of the best tea houses in Europe!

(photos taken by me)

The retail tea market is very difficult at the moment, but I am sure that if I offer the best selection of tea with the possibility of payment in Bitcoin, I will be able to stand out in the tea-crowd.

- Why I need a fundraiser and what for?

First of all, I would like the blog to be an important part of my project, and I need a good front page. I dont think about anything special, but something from the middle shelf will perfectly suit my needs. In addition, I need a laptop - my desktop computer is no longer even suitable for photo processing, and if I have to work outside / remote in travel, so a new laptop will be an indispensable work tool for my project.

Taiwanese ceramics, thanks to which I will present the finest teas on the blog - it is quite expensive, but within the limits of common sense.

Another cost is renting a server and website design, my front end capabilities are very limited, and I would like the website to be minimalistic and at the same time attractive to the eye, compatible with RDW satndarads. All of course integrated with the BTC payment processor.

The most important part is the tea itself - the highest quality tea with which I would like to reach recipients is really expensive and can cost up to $100 per per 100 grams package, while I would like to focus on quality and offer my recipients the best taste experience at the right price.

A very real part of my project are my donors/supporters like you! If you subscribe to my profile - perks option - you can get samples of the best tea from around the world, carefully selected. I would like you, my dear donors, to a large extent to be the beneficiaries of this collection.

The rest will be spent on traveling to European tea houses, as well as to support the local Buddhist temple, because I identify myself with the Buddhist movement.

If you want to take part in a tea box - (Sending tea samples to willing supporters) - write to me and we will arrange shipping details, I would like to share this initiative with others, in particular with you, thanks to which you will also feel that you give and at the same time receive something good in return and I also want to feel that I give you something from me. I hope that together we can create something great and inspire others.

Thank you for your time and support!

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