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In 2019 I want to create an educational book about the lightning network. This book should mainly target developers who want to make use of the lightning network. However I will also try to make this book useful for anybody who is interested in the Lightning Network and Bitcoin in general. As far as I know no book about the lightning network exists and no one has bothered to create one yet. In the last year I have started to publish youtube videos which should educate people about the lightning network for which I have received some great feedback.

As it was always my childhood dream to write a technical book. Since I like education in general and in particular about the lightning network I would love to spend at least one year full time on this project. BTW I have been active in education for the last 10 years.

If the campaign is successful and running well I will write the book in an open process with a creative commons license on my github page and continue to produce Youtube videos at which will also be referenced inside the book. Also I will occasionally contribute to the lightning network protocol or its implementations to stay up to date with the required knowledge to write the book. 

I think it would be another great success for the community to crowdfund the symbolic value of 21.21212121 Bitcoin to enable me to focus on this project full time in 2019. I know this looks like a lot at first. However with current exchange rates it is less than a yearly paycheck which I would receive when working on a data science job or as a lightning network developer for the industry. As this activity is my favorite activity I would co finance the rest of the project. 

I will already start working on the book while the campaign continues.

If you can provide a valid signature with your bitcoin address to the following text message: "I am a proud supporter of the Lightning Network book" you will qualify for a perk if your donation reaches a certain level.  

  • 3mBTC get your (nick)name as a donor inside the list of donors
  • 30mBTC receive a signed copy of the book if it is printed and get your (nick)name as a donor inside the list of donors
  • 300 mBTC get a handwritten dedication for your personal copy inside the book and get your (nick)name as a donor inside the list of donors (I will print a copy of this book if it is not published by a publisher)
  • 1 BTC (8x times) picture or logo of you or your company together on one page with other people qualifying for this perk if this book is printed.
  • 5 BTC (3x times) full page for you or your company including the ability to include a job offer for developers or if you are a private person to thank people within the Bitcoin / Lightning Network community. 
The last two perks will be peer reviewed and depend also on the agreement of a publisher. They will be available in the online version in any case and I will fight hard to make them available in the printed version. 

If you want to HODL your BTC you can also support me with fiat (which unfortunately I need in my everyday live) via my patreon page at: I will however not accept BCH or any other altcoin. 

Contributors () NEW