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Throughout the development of Tallycoin Version 2, my focus was to make the core experience of fundraising with bitcoin as simple as possible.

The new Tallycoin website has been built with payments at the base layer. I built a payment tool that anyone can use on their own website, as demonstrated at my other project

This payment tool, called Tallypay, is a core component of Tallycoin V2.


Tallycoin's primary selling point is that there are no fees. I rely on donations, just like other Tallycoiners.

The initial goal of this fundraiser was $360, or 1 year of a $30/mo hosting bill.

After the first goal being met so quickly, I've extended the goal to cover 2 years hosting bill, $720.

Appreciate everyone's generosity.

Below is the plan for the next few updates.


DJ Booth - Tallycoin Developer

Tallycoin v2.x


A feature originally introduced in Version 1, but removed in Version 2.0 is Articles (formally known as Posts).

I will create a text editor similar to Medium.

The editor tool will include the ability to manage drafts, automatic saving while writing and will focus on formatting text, adding images and video, without any other distractions.

Readers of these articles will be able to tip the writer via Bitcoin on-chain or lightning with Tallypay.

Communicate with external Lightning nodes

A frequently requested feature is to allow Tallycoin to 'talk' to a user's home node. There are many obstacles that make it difficult to work reliably, over TOR and compatible with any node.

I already have some ideas to overcome some of these difficulties. In time I hope to have a solution that, at least initially, works well enough to prove the concept.

Other elements

  • Explore fundraisers and articles (advanced search).
  • Generate reports for fundraisers.
  • Mobile Import Address Tool.

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