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Developing Tallycoin has been a humbling and awesome experience since the project launched in July 2018. The Bitcoin community has been wonderful, very encouraging and I'm grateful for the outpouring of support.

With version 3 in the pipeline, my goal is for further simplification of the admin dashboard and re-designing some of the core components to improve user experience and privacy.

Improving Privacy


Tallycoin Connect, a piece of software installed on bitcoin full nodes, is a great privacy solution. When the fundraiser owner is utilizing Tallycoin Connect, all lightning donations go directly to their own node, while donors can opt for full privacy or reveal who the donation is from.

I would like to see Tallycoin Connect bundled for free with all major bitcoin node packages.

Public Fundraisers

Fundraising campaigns require a single bitcoin address to receive funds, which leads to address re-use, a known privacy degrading usage pattern.

The purpose of this requirement is for transparency and ease of verification, so all donors can see for themselves that funds go to the intended recipient. Tallycoin is not a middleman in any transaction.

I believe Tallycoin should continue to require a single on-chain address for transparency and donors are encouraged to use lightning for more private donations to fundraisers.

However, more can be done to help those who want to receive private donations.


It would be useful for donors to browse fundraisers of a certain category, such as open-source developers, podcasters, advertising campaigners, etc.

Private Donations

In version 3, I'd like to make the distinction between creating a "public fundraiser" (where everyone can see all donations on the fundraiser page), and "private donations" with no fundraiser page and only the recipient can see incoming donations.

When a users provides an Extended Public Key (a.k.a. xPub - a key that helps us generate wallet addresses, but not spend from them), we can offer each donor a new bitcoin address to send their donation. This eliminates address re-use and greatly improves privacy for the recipient.

Administration Dashboard

While Tallycoin does not provide a wallet (no donations are held by us), user experience would be improved for the admin dashboard to appear like a wallet.

Because it is not a wallet, I'd call it an "account". The similarity to a wallet is that the account has a deposit address and displays a list of incoming transactions. That's where the similarities end, because there is no "send" feature and donations are not *actually* in the account.

Additionally, a Tallycoin user should be able to setup "private accounts". As opposed to public fundraisers, donations sent to a private account are not listed publicly on Tallycoin.

New Domain

The current domain causes some confusion, including people thinking our name is Tallyco, or that we're a business based in India. Neither are true, so moving to a new domain should be clearer that this website is an app named Tallycoin.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Along with the new domain name, I will introduce longer URLs that include the fundraiser title and user name, such as:

Including keywords in the URL will help Google and other search engines index the fundraiser page a little better. Linking to this page is also more transparent for users eyeballing the URL (instead of

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