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The Consumer Choice Center is a consumer advocacy group that supports the technological innovation of cryptocurrencies, and will fight for smart policies at all levels of regulation.

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Principles for Smart Crypto Regulation

Since the arrival of Bitcoin in 2008, the world’s first decentralized cryptographical digital currency, the crypto domain has been catapulted from sets of obscure programming passion projects to a highly dynamic sector worth $2 trillion. Whether it is mining, exchanges, decentralized finance, blockchains, or rapid payments, there is no doubt that crypto represents a new paradigm of agency, action, and opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The benefits to broader crypto adoption are numerous and have been outlined elsewhere.

However, with such incredible innovation in a short period of time has come investor speculation, attempts at fraud, wild price swings, and blocking of crypto purchases by financial institutions. In response, regulators, recognizing the crypto paradigm shift, have begun actively drafting legislation and filing lawsuits against crypto projects to control and severely limit their activities and products.

As a consumer advocacy group that champions innovative technology and smart policies, we recognize the importance of crypto regulation for keeping bad actors in check and providing a sound institutional framework. We also recognize that the nascent crypto finance space is ever-changing and rapidly evolving, and that overzealous regulation could cripple future potential.

We offer the following bedrock principles on smart crypto regulation for lawmakers, hoping to promote sound policies that will encourage innovation, increase economic inclusion across all income groups, all the while protecting consumers from harm. 


  • Prevent Fraud
  • Technological Neutrality
  • Reasonable Taxation
  • Legal Certainty & Transparency

Learn more on our website at Consumer Choice Center dot org.

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