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Hi there, fellow free thinker!

We are a bunch of college friends who share libertarian views and one night while talking about the dismal state of Indian polity started ILR because, we realise it is not enough to just talk among ourselves, but it must be shared and accessible. The main reason though is there is no real uncompromising libertarian voice in India that calls a spade, a spade.

Whit these funds we will be able to host the website on our server instead of the free tier of Wordpress (which lately has gotten worse) and make it into a proper resource of libertarian take on all things Indian. Currently this is a side project but, if we do manage to raise these funds, we will be holding a bitcoin education and giveaway program to give ~50 cents worth bitcoin to 100 underprivileged people in India while teaching them sound money.

Thank you for reading and giving us your precious time, attention and money. We will return the gesture with continued raw, logical and honest libertarian voice on peace, freedom and economics.

“We wish to break with all aspects of the liberal State: with its welfare and its warfare, its monopoly privileges and its egalitarianism, its repression of victimless crimes whether personal or economic. Only we offer technology without technocracy, growth without pollution, liberty without chaos, law without tyranny, the defense of property rights in one’s person and in one’s material possessions.”
Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto

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